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Flooring inspectors verify flooring materials and ensure proper installation methods. They interview installers and constructors, making certain that the proper steps were taken during installation.

Flooring Inspectors are commissioned when a flooring problem can’t be resolved between an end-user, installer, retailer, manufacturer or other involved parties.


First Floor Under 1999 SQFT $115
First Floor 2000 - 2499 SQFT $135
First Floor 2500 - 2999 SQFT $155
First Floor 3000 - 3499 SQFT $178
First Floor 3500 - 3999 SQFT $200
First Floor 4000 - 4499 SQFT $240
First Floor 4500 - 4999 SQFT $280
First Floor 5000 - 5499 SQFT $300
First Floor 5500 - 5999 SQFT $350
First Floor 6001 - 6499 SQFT $460
Second Floor Standard Residential Service is 11 cents per sq. ft. times the total second floor square footage space. This applies to all floors except the first floor.


With over 5 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next inspection. We provide a professional inspections with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


    • Why get a flooring inspection?

      We inspect wood floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, bamboo floors, engineered floors, ceramic floors & carpeting. Swann Inspections are local certified expert witness & professional reporters.

    • What is a flooring inspection?

      The floors, ceilings, and walls, will be checked by a home inspector for any water damage, mold, or discoloration. They will look for cracks, sagging feelings, or any structural damage. They will also look for bulging areas in the walls or uneven baseboards in the flooring.

    • How does a flooring inspection help you?

      Floor inspections are requested by homeowners, contractors, attorneys, and property management firms to help pinpoint installation errors, unsuitable site conditions, maintenance issues, and manufacturing defects in flooring installations before they put the integrity of an entire building at risk.

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