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In today’s highly competitive real estate industry, there has never been a greater need for accurate reporting of a property’s true living area as all too often the gross living area reported on public records differs from what actually exists.

  • We offer high-resolution, black & white floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing, and printing.
  • Dimensionally accurate AutoCAD DWG floor plans for design and construction
  • High quality JPEG photographs of the interior and exterior for easy reference and marketing applications
  • Area Certificate Letter written confirmation of key area figures on Swann Inspections letterhead



First Floor Under 1999 SQFT $115
First Floor 2000 - 2499 SQFT $135
First Floor 2500 - 2999 SQFT $155
First Floor 3000 - 3499 SQFT $178
First Floor 3500 - 3999 SQFT $200
First Floor 4000 - 4499 SQFT $240
First Floor 4500 - 4999 SQFT $280
First Floor 5000 - 5499 SQFT $300
First Floor 5500 - 5999 SQFT $350
First Floor 6001 - 6499 SQFT $460
Second Floor Standard Residential Service is 11 cents per sq. ft. times the total second floor square footage space. This applies to all floors except the first floor.


With over 5 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next inspection. We provide a professional inspections with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


    • Why get a GLA (gross living area) measurement?

      This is the most popular type of home measurement service requested to date. This service is designed to provide our clients with an accurate and affordable solution for determination of a home’s GLA (gross living area). This basic service can be instrumental in assisting homeowners or realtors with the listing of their homes. Having the correct GLA in your listing can save you time and money and help expedite the sale of your home!

    • What structures do we measure?

      Specializing in measuring Residential, Commercial and Industrial spaces. This includes and are not limited to retail stores, restaurants, educational institutions, hospitality facilities, etc.

    • How does a GLA (gross living area) measurement help you?

      In this price-per-square-foot world, using accurate square footage data, and not relying on the mostly inaccurate details reported through public records systems across the country, a good beginning dramatically increases the chances for a successful ending, with less hassles along the way.

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